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Myfortic (Mycophenolic Acid)

and/or equivalents
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Myfortic 180mg

Manufactured by Novartis

Product of Turkey. Shipped from Turkey

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Myfortic 360mg

Manufactured by Novartis

Product of Turkey. Shipped from Turkey

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Mycophenolic Acid 180mg

Generic Equivalent to Myfortic 180mg

Manufactured by Generic

Product of India. Shipped from India

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Mycophenolic Acid 360mg

Generic Equivalent to Myfortic 360mg

Manufactured by Panacea

Product of India. Shipped from India

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Basic Information on Myfortic

Myfortic is used to prevent the body from rejecting a kidney transplant. The immune system tends to reject anything foreign and a new kidney could be acted against by the immune system. The Myfortic drug lowers the immune system of the body. The medication is given along with corticosteroids. It is prescribed for adults and children.

Precautions / Side Effects for Myfortic

Mycophenolic Acid or Myfortic is an immune suppressor. Its function can make the body susceptible to opportunistic infections, which would do little harm to a healthy human being. As a result of this immune system suppression, you are likely to experience frequent cold and fever. It is essential that you minimize your exposure outdoor and avoid crowds. Infections like pneumonia can be fatal in an individual with a compromised immune system. You would be vulnerable to upper respiratory tract infections in particular, so if going out cannot be avoided, ensure that you cover yourself well. However you cannot take any live vaccination when you are on medication.

Side effects produced by Mycophenolic Acid itself include black tarry stools, increased urination and thirst. Increase in potassium levels have been noted in many individuals, resulting in uneven heart rate and muscle weakness. Pancreatitis is another side effect of brand or generic Myfortic tablets. You may also experience vision problems like blurring and problems with speech and coordination. These are serious side effects and should be reported immediately. Pregnant women are not prescribed this immunosuppressant as it lowers immunity and the risk of catching diseases, in both the mother and the unborn baby is very high.

Myfortic Dosage

The recommended dosage of brand or generic Myfortic is 1440 mg daily taken in two doses of 720 mg, each taken an hour before meal or two hours after a meal. For pediatrics, the recommended dosage is dependent on body surface. The total dosage should not exceed 1440 mg per day. In older patients, the immune system is less active and hence a dose of 720 mg per day is sufficient. No dose adjustments are required for renal or hepatic impaired. However in individuals with hepatic insufficiency should be closely monitored when taking Myfortic.

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