Helping Your Pets Take Their Medication  


Convincing your cat or dog to take their pills is a challenge, to put it mildly. Most of the time, our pets are more stubborn than our children and act as if we’re trying to poison them. We try slathering peanut butter on their pill or hiding it in their food. Sometimes, we can successfully trick them. Other times, they know exactly what we’re doing. If you’re struggling with administering your pet’s pills, here is how you can help them.


Invest in Pill Treats


Pet food companies have long taken advantage of the fact that dogs and cats simply hate taking their pills. That’s good news for us because now we have a tasty treat that we can literally shove the pill into, close up and give to our unsuspecting pet. There are many brands and flavours to choose from, or you can make your own with some cheese and natural peanut butter. If your dog thinks they’re getting a tasty snack, they’ll be much less inclined to refuse it.


Mix it In with Their Food


This may be risky, as there are some medications, such as Tramadol, that are notorious for their nasty taste, and no amount of masking it will convince your dog to eat it. Try a little bit at a time to see how your dog reacts to the slightly different taste of their food. If they can only swallow three-quarter of the medication before they start to notice it, break up their medication throughout their meals.


Make Them Feel Like They’re Missing Out


Only dog parents understand how childish our fur babies can be. If they see that everyone is getting a tasty treat except for them, their jealousy will easily help them overlook their distaste. If you have another dog, give them something resembling their medication in front of them, so that the pooch in need of their medication thinks they’re missing out. The “treat” you’ve been trying to feed them will be much more valuable now.


When All Else Fails, Talk to Your Vet


If every day is a constant struggle to give your pet their medication, consider discussing these issues with your vet. A single prescription for medication is one thing, but if your dog has to take meds for the rest of their life, the daily struggle will quickly become a pain. Your vet may recommend more pooch-friendly alternatives, such as meat-flavoured chews like CET Chews and Bravecto.


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