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Full information about Aptivus

Basic Information On Aptivus

Aptivus is used to mainly to reduce HIV infection in the body. It belongs to a class of drugs called protease inhibitors that prevent the virus from using certain enzymes to make more copies of itself. Though it prevents HIV from multiplying, it is not a cure nor does it reverse AIDS.

Precautions / Side Effects For Aptivus

Aptivus or Tipranavir can cause very serious side effects in those with liver problems like Hepatitis. Interactions of the Aptivus drug with medications for these conditions can produce hepatic or liver toxicity which can show symptoms like jaundice, anorexia, enlargement and swelling of the liver. These problems can be life threatening. Tipranvir can also cause Intracranial Hemorrhage or bleeding within the skull. This happens in individuals with other conditions in addition to AIDS. Bleeding within the skull can often be fatal if the pressure buildup compresses the brain. You should discuss all your medical problems with your doctor to avoid any side effect producing interactions.

Another major side effect associated with Aptivus is diabetes mellitus in patients with no history of the same. In individuals with an already existing diabetes condition, brand or generic Aptivus has been shown to make the condition worse by increasing blood sugar levels. Skin rashes are another side effect of Aptivus, along with symptoms like itching, joint ache and fever. Individuals who take Vitamin E supplements should reduce their dosage of Vitamin E as this drug contains Vitamin E. Talk to your doctor to re-adjust your dosage according to your needs. It is not known whether this HIV medication can harm unborn babies. Since HIV can be passed from mother to child, the use of brand or generic Aptivus is not advised, both for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

Aptivus Dosage

The recommended dosage of Aptivus for adults is 500 mg (it can be taken as two 250 mg capsules or can be taken as a five ml oral solution) 2 times every day. This medicine should be taken along with 200 mg of Ritonavir. Aptivus should be given along with Ritonavir in order to optimize its effect. If it is not given along with Ritonavir, you may not achieve the desired antiviral effects and may also alter some drug interactions. Aptivus can be taken with or without food. It can be taken orally as a solution or as a tablet.

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