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Full information about Atripla

Basic Information On Atripla

Atripla is used to keep the HIV infection in check. It prevents the virus from multiplying in the body. The Atripla drug is a combination of three drugs that prevents the viral DNA from replicating itself, by blocking the function of certain enzymes. Atripla is not a cure but it only controls the infection. It is not prescribed for individuals younger than 18 years.

Precautions / Side Effects For Atripla

Common side effects of Atripla (Favirenz, Emtricitabine, Enofovir) include dizziness, headaches and nausea. Gastrointestinal problems like loss of appetite, an upset stomach and diarrhea are common in most individuals. Apart from brand or generic Atripla, several factors in immune compromised individuals cause these symptoms. This drug also makes an individual feel constantly tired. Hallucinations are less common side effects associated with it. Favirenz, Emtricitabine and Tenofovir can cause build up of lactic acid over a period of time. Lactic acidosis results in the body’s muscles being deprived of oxygen, which can lead to coma and even death. Lactic acid build up in the body can occur along with liver swelling and liver toxicity. Liver toxicity or damage is suspected if symptoms like Jaundice, dark stools and liver swelling appear.

Psychiatric side effects can also appear in individuals. Apart from generalized health anxiety; depression and lack of sleep is common because of the health concern. Further, the medication is known to promote abnormal dreams and suicidal thoughts. Other medications that interfere with brand or generic Atripla include antibiotics like clarithromycin, epilepsy medication and blood thinners among others. If you are undergoing dialysis or have kidney problems mention this to your doctor before starting the medication.

Atripla Dosage

The recommended dosage of Atripla for adults is 1 tablet to be taken once every day. You should take the medicine orally on an empty stomach. Take the medicine before retiring to bed as this can help in improving the tolerability of nervous system symptoms. Atripla is not recommended for pediatric patients in the age group of 18 years and younger. Since Atripla is a fixed-dose combination, it is not advisable to prescribe it for patients suffering from moderate or severe renal impairment who require adjustment of dosage (those patients with creatinine clearance less than 50 mL per min).

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