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Full information about Benzaclin Gel

General Information on Benzaclin

Benzaclin is a combination drug used to cure acne. It is a combination of Benzoyl peroxide and Clindamycin. While the former is an antibacterial drug, the latter is an antibiotic.

The two major ingredients of the drug combine to eliminate bacteria permanently from the affected skin. First, benzoyl peroxide eliminates bacteria through its antibacterial properties. Then, Clindamycin prevents the future growth of the bacteria. The drug is available in the form of a gel. The two forms of the drug are Benzaclin 5% and Benzaclin 10% based on the percentage of gel and water in the tube.

The ingredients of Benzaclin are docusate sodium, glycerin, pure water, propylene glycol and silicon dioxide.

Side effects of Benzaclin

Before you buy Benzaclin, you should be aware of the possible allergies that the drug might cause. If you get allergic to any ingredients of the drug, it might lead to hives, rashes and irritation on the skin.

Though the drug is applied on the skin, it might be absorbed and will cause some serious problems. So, do not use Benzaclin if you have Inflammations in your lungs or liver. Some people might develop diseases like Diarrhea when treated with antibiotics. If you have experienced that in the past, do not take Benzaclin.

Almost all medications cause side effects. These are unwanted conditions that develop on their own when a new medication is administered. Side effects might be categorized into three types – mild, temporary and severe. The temporary side effects of Benzaclin are as follows:

  • redness or stingy feeling in the skin
  • Mild rash and dryness of skin
  • No improvement in acne

Most of these temporary side effects will go away by themselves. Therefore, you need not worry about them. However, you must inform your doctor if you begin to suffer from serious side effects such as blistering, severe itch, swelling, burning or crusting in your skin.

Dosage of Benzaclin

Normally, Benzaclin 10% is applied on the affected area twice per day. But, this might vary depending on your condition. It is best if you follow the dosage prescribed by your doctor after your condition has been evaluated appropriately. Before applying the gel on the acne affected skin, you must wash your face with a non-medical soap and dry it off using cotton. You can buy Benzaclin from your nearby pharmacist or through online drug stores.

If you have a fair skin, you should apply Benzaclin only once per day and the perfect time to do that would be before sleeping.

Other external conditions such as temperature and moisture can affect the dosage of the drug. So, always follow what your doctor prescribes. If you miss a dose, apply the gel as soon as you find time.


If you are taking in topical medications, they might interact with Benzaclin. The topical medications naturally cause dryness and irritation in the skin. So, avoid using them with Benzaclin.

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