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Full information about Coreg

General Information on Coreg

Coreg is used for the treatment of heart failure and high blood pressure. Lowering blood pressure may prevent risks of kidney problems, heart attacks, or strokes. Your doctor may also ask you to buy Coreg if you recently had a heart attack and your heart is not able to pump properly because of the same.

The generic name of Coreg is Carvedilol, and it belongs to the category of alpha beta blockers. The drug blocks certain natural chemicals such as epinephrine that affect the blood vessels and heart. It is available in the form of oral tablets.

Side effects of Coreg

Before you buy Coreg, you should inform your doctor if you are suffering from asthma, heart rhythm problems (e.g. sick sinus syndrome, sinus bradycardia or 2nd or 3rd degree atrioventricular block), severe heart failure, liver disease, breathing problems (e.g. emphysema or bronchitis), blood circulation problems (peripheral vascular disease or Raynaud’s disease), hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or mental or mood disorders. As Coreg may cause dizziness and lightheadedness, you should rise slowly from a lying or sitting position.

Some common side effects associated with Coreg include drowsiness, lightheadedness, dizziness, tiredness, and diarrhea. Although these side effects can be easily managed with or without medical help, you should inform your doctor immediately if any of these become intolerable.

Coreg may reduce the flow of blood to your feet and hands, due to which you may experience chills. Smoking can worsen this side effect of the drug. Therefore, you should wear warm clothing and avoid smoking and tobacco use during Coreg treatment.

Some serious side effects of the drug include sudden weight gain, shortness of breath, unusual weakness, fainting, severe dizziness, slow heartbeat, swelling of the feet, ankles or hands, increased thirst or urination, bluish toes or fingers, or tingling or numbness in the hands or feet. Also seek immediate medical help if you suffer from seizures, easy bruising or bleeding, or change in the amount of urine passed.

Dosage of Coreg

For treating heart failure, you will be advised to take Coreg 3.125mg twice a day for 2 weeks. The dosage can be increased to Coreg 6.25, 12.5 or 25mg twice a day. The maximum dosage a patient can receive is Coreg 50mg twice a day. For the treatment of left ventricular dysfunction, you will receive an initial dose of Coreg 6.25mg twice a day. It can be increased to Coreg 12.5mg or 25mg twice a day, depending on your response to treatment.

To treat hypertension or high blood pressure, the initial dose you will receive is Coreg 6.25mg twice a day. After 7 to 14 days, the dosage can be increased to Coreg 12.5mg twice a day and then Coreg 25mg twice a day. The total daily dose should not be more than Coreg 50mg per day.

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