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Full information about Cyclogyl

General Information on Cyclogyl

Cyclogyl is an ophthalmic medication given for widening or dilating the pupils. The generic name of Cyclogyl is cyclopentolate ophthalmic.

Cyclogyl is given to patients for dilating the pupil as part of the preparation procedure for an eye exam. This is used for keeping the eye from focusing on a short distance, which enables a more accurate reading to be taken of the focusing power of the eyes.

Cyclogyl takes around 30 minutes to start working after application and 24 hours to wear off completely. It may also be prescribed for other medical conditions, depending on the individual evaluation.

Side effects of Cyclogyl

An allergic reaction may resurface if you have already suffered an allergy to Cyclogyl in the past. Such a reaction would have the following signs- the formation of hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the face. The risk of severe side effects increases if you have closed angle glaucoma. Therefore, you must not use Cyclogyl if you have been diagnosed with this medical condition.

Children and infants are more prone to the side effects of Cyclogyl than adults. Alert your doctor if you notice eye pain, dizziness, sudden and unusual behavior changes, rapid pulse, or blurred vision after being given this medicine. Cyclogyl is also known to increase the sensitivity of the eyes to light. Therefore, protect your eyes while going out in the sun until the effects of this medication wear out.

Other serious side effects of Cyclogyl include the following- warmth, numbness, or redness under the skin, severe skin rash, fast and uneven heartbeat, sensitivity to light that lasts more than 48 hours after Cyclogyl is applied, slow and shallow breathing, and hallucinations. Inform your doctor immediately if such symptoms surface.

Mild side effects of Cyclogyl include sensitivity to light, blurred vision, swelling of the eyeballs, and mild burning or stinging in the eye.

Dosage of Cyclogyl

Cyclogyl is applied in a hospital or clinic setting. Since it takes around 30 minutes for the medication to take effect, Cyclogyl is applied 40-50 minutes before the scheduled time of the eye exam.

Cyclogyl must not be applied in your eye while wearing contact lenses. These soft lenses can absorb a preservative used in the drug and cause adverse side effects, so you are advised to remove your lenses before using Cyclogyl. A time difference of 15 minutes is strongly recommended before Cyclogyl is applied after you remove the lenses.

You would have to tilt your head back and force your lower eyelid down. Once the drops have been applied, place one finger on the inner corner of the eye towards the nose for a minute. This prevents the medication from getting absorbed by the tear duct.

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