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Basic Information On EMLA Cream

EMLA Cream is an anesthetic used on the skin to prevent pain. It is used only on the skin and not on any other body part. It is used before medical procedures like skin laser surgery, insertion of IV lines and skin grafts. The stimulation of pain receptors at nerve ends causes sodium to reach the nerve endings. It gives rise to an electric signal which passes along the nerve and reaches the brain. This electric signal is received by the brain as a sensation of pain. The chemical ingredients of the ELMA cream block these signals from passing along the nerves and numb the part of the skin it is applied on and its surrounding area. Thus, the patient no longer feels pain and otherwise painful medical procedures can be carried out without pain.

Precautions / Side Effects Of EMLA Cream

EMLA cream contains chemical ingredients lidocaine and prilocaine. It may cause side effects like lightening of the skin, redness and tingling. You should be careful not to get the cream into your eyes as it may numb your eye and hinder its reflexes. In case it accidentally gets into your eyes, wash your eye well with lukewarm water and protect your eye till you can feel the sensation again in your eye. You should wash your hands after applying brand or generic EMLA cream. You should not apply this cream on skin area which has cuts, wounds, skin rashes or eczema.

Lidocaine and Prilocaine should not be used for premature infants or for patients allergic to anesthetics of amide type, like ropivacaine and bupivacaine. You should contact your doctor if you experience severe allergic reactions like itchiness, swelling, rash, blistering of the area where it is applied, or trouble breathing. Do not use the cream inside the nose, mouth and on genitals of children. Brand or generic EMLA cream should not be used for patients suffering from liver disease, anemia or red blood cell disorder (methaemoglobinaemia).

EMLA Cream Dosage

The recommended application of EMLA cream for minor dermal procedures is 2.5 grams of cream applied over 20 to 25 cm2 of skin surface. It is applied 1 hour before the medical procedure and covered with an occlusive dressing to prevent inadvertent disruption of the application site. For major dermal procedures, it is applied at least 2 hours before. Two grams of cream is applied per 10 cm2 of skin area in such cases. One gram per 10 cm2 area is applied for 15 minutes on male genital skin and a thick layer is applied for 5-10 minutes on female external genitalia.

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