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Full information about Florinef

Basic Information On Florinef

Florinef is prescribed to treat Addison’s disease, which is a rare endocrine disorder characterized by low amount of steroid production by the adrenal glands. Lowered amounts of steroids can result in a hyperactive immune system. The Florinef drug is a high potency synthetic steroid that mimics the action of natural steroids. This drug is also used to treat symptoms of salt-losing adrenogenital syndrome that shows signs like low blood pressure and back pain.

Precautions/Side Effects For Florinef

Florinef or Fludrocortisone causes side effects like skin irritation and skin drying. It also causes skin to discolor. You may experience an acne outbreak even if you have never had acne. Wound healing is reduced. Hence, cuts or bruises could become septic. Caution must be exercised to avoid injuries. Nausea is also experienced by many individuals. Side effects like cramps, bloating and irregular stools are common. These symptoms are temporary and the body settles after getting used to the treatment. If you do not adjust to the medication, consult your physician before you continue using this drug.

It is essential that you avoid infections when taking Fludrocortisone, as even seemingly harmless ones like cold and flu can lead to complications like pneumonia which can be fatal. You should not take any live vaccination when you are on brand or generic Fludrocortisone tablets, as these vaccines contain antigens. This medication can also cause rapid weight gain that should not be ignored. It can lower levels of potassium that can result in heart arrhythmias and muscle weakness. These are serious side effects that should not go uninformed. It is not known if this drug can harm unborn fetus but steroids are known to pass into breast milk and may cause growth defects in an infant. If you are breast feeding, consult your doctor if you can continue to do so while on this medication.

Florinef Dosage

The dosage depends on the condition and its severity. If an individual is being treated for Addison’s disease, the dose strength is usually 0.1 mg daily, which may be increased to 0.2 mg. If the blood pressure is increased as a result of treatment, the dosage of brand or generic Florinef is reduced to 0.05 mg. The recommended dosage for salt-losing adrenogenital syndrome is 0.1 mg. Florinef is mostly prescribed with cortisone or hydrocortisone. The combination treatment helps substitute adrenal activity efficiently, with minimal side effects.

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