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Full information about Fortekor

General Information on Fortekor

Fortekor is indicated for the treatment of dogs suffering from heart failure and cats suffering from chronic renal insufficiency. The active ingredient in the drug is Benazepril, and it falls under the category of ACE inhibitors.

Fortekor is available in the form of palatable oral tablets. It inhibits plasma ACE activities in the pets, due to which their symptoms are relieved and their condition is improved.

The veterinarian may advise you to give Fortekor to your pet for a long period. This is because the drug is not a cure for the condition, but only keeps the symptoms under control. As soon as you stop giving the drug to your pet, the symptoms may return, possibly with a greater intensity.

Side effects of Fortekor

Do not buy Fortekor if your pet has cardiac failure as a result of aortic stenosis.

The concentration of plasma creatinine may increase in cats during the initial stages of the treatment. This is because the drug is known to lower their blood pressure. Keeping this in mind, the veterinarian may need to check your cat’s creatinine levels, erythrocyte count, and plasma urea concentrations regularly. Therefore, do not miss any scheduled appointments with the veterinarian.

Fortekor is not meant to be given to pets weighing less than 2.5 kgs. Also inform the veterinarian if your pet is pregnant, lactating, or breeding, as special adjustments may need to be made.

Although there are no side effects of Fortekor in cats and dogs, your dog may encounter episodes of excessive fatigue or dizziness. Some cats may seem to be absolutely fine, but their blood tests may show higher levels of creatinine in their blood. In some cases, Fortekor may lead to decreased blood pressure in dogs. Seek help from your veterinarian in order to manage these side effects.

Some cats put on weight because their appetite increases during treatment. Since cats with chronic renal insufficiency usually lose weight and have a reduced appetite, this side effect is a sign that Fortekor is working well.

Dosage of Fortekor

You can buy Fortekor in 2.5mg, 5mg, and 20mg strengths. The dosage given to an animal depends on its medical condition, weight, and response to treatment.

You can give Fortekor tablets to your pet either with or without meals. Usually, your doctor will recommend you to administer only one tablet a day. However, the dosage strength can be adjusted as per the individual needs of the pet.

Usually, the veterinarian may also prescribe other drugs along with Fortekor, including Furosemide, Vetmedin, Renalzim, or Ipakitine.

Drug Interactions of Fortekor

Do not give painkillers, NSAIDs, or other anti-inflammatory drugs to your pet along with Fortekor, as it may suffer from reduced kidney function and high blood pressure.

Also do not give your pet this drug along with a general anesthetic, as this may cause reduced blood pressure, resulting in further medical complications. Therefore, if your pet is set to undergo a surgical procedure, inform the veterinary surgeon beforehand that it is on Fortekor treatment.

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