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Full information about Glyset

General Information on Glyset

The generic name for Glycet is miglitol, and it is prescribed for treating non insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes mellitus. Intake of Miglitol delays the digestion process of carbohydrates, which are a form of sugar in the human body. This decreased level of sugar passes into the blood stream post meal and prevents occurence of high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. You can buy Glycet once prescribed and it can be used alone or with insuling or other oral diabetes medicines. Miglitol contains Acarbose, which is a glucosidase inhibitor.

Side effects of Glyset

Administration of Glyset can cause mild as well as severe side effects and these vary from patient to patient. Some of the most common and persistent side effects include stomach pain, diarrhea, bloating, gas, and soft stools. These symptoms often occur in the first few weeks of treatment and can improve with time. If it persists longer then you should consult your doctor immediately.

Glycet can cause serious allergic reactions and the symptoms include rashes, persistent itching, swelling around the tongue, face, and throat, difficulty in breathing, and severe dizziness.


There are certain precautions that need to be taken before you can buy Glyset. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of Glyset or the medicine itself then you need to inform your doctor of the same. The medicine is not recommended for treatment if you have specific medical conditions like skin allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetic ketoacidosis, digestion disorders, and other bowel problems. It is also recommended by most doctors that you should avoid any activity that requires alertness like driving or using heavy machinery. During the administration period of Glyset you should not take alcoholic beverages and should consult your doctor if you are breast feeding.

Glyset Dosage

You can buy Glyset in the following forms- Glycet 25mg, Glycet 50mg, and Glycet 100mg pack. There is no fixed requirement of dosage but doctors recommend starting the course with Glyset 25mg to be taken 3 times a day. Gradually, the dosage can be increased to Glyset 50mg and then 100 mg depending on the patient's health and their reaction to the therapy. The medicine needs to be taken during each meal. 4-8 weeks after beginning the course, doctors will measure glycosylated hemoglobin level and this test will take place thereon every 3 months. Glyset 25mg should be stored at 250C or 770F. It is recommended not to buy Glyset 100mg unless prescribed for use as it is a heavy dose and it can interrupt normal body functions.


Glycet may interact with medications or drugs that help in digestion like pancreatin and amylase. Glycet should not be taken with other anti-diabetic drugs like insulin or sulfonylureas unless prescribed, as this can lead to hypoglycemia. Its interactions with anti-diabetic drugs can lead to symptoms like fruity breath odor, blurred vision, sold sweat and chills, tingling in feet or hands, weakness and fainting, and hunger. It should not be taken with beta-blocker medications as they will cover some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Any medicine containing aspirin is also not recommended.

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