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Full information about Lanvis

Basic Information On Lanvis

Lanvis is indicated in the treatment of various types of leukemia namely acute lymphoblastic leukemia, chronic granulocytic leukemia and myelogenous leukemia. In leukemia or blood cancer, the bone marrow makes abnormal blood cells in very large numbers. The abnormal cells multiply so rapidly and severely affect all further growth and vital functions of the normal blood cells. This condition is called leukemia or blood cancer. Lanvis/ tioguanine belongs to antimetabolite group of medicines also called antineoplastics. (The active ingredient was previously spelt as thioguanine). Anti-metabolites pretend to be prurine (the building block of DNA) and penetrate the DNA of the cancer cell slowing its growth and gradually the cancer cell may die. Depending on the type of leukemia, the stage to which it has advanced and the age of the patient, this medicine is recommended for both adult and pediatric treatment.

Precaution/ Side Effects for Lanvis

Lanvis is to be used in combination with chemotherapy and not as sole therapy or to induce remission or consolidate such remission of myelogenous leukemia. While destroying the unhealthy cancer cells, tioguanine can adversely affect the healthy cells also. To mitigate this adverse effect, steps like increasing hydration, alkalization of urine and supportive treatment with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor are essential. The drug is not meant for long term maintenance therapy. Discuss with your doctor about any preexisting health conditions like gout, herpes, liver or kidney impairment. Do not handle brand or generic Lanvis if you are pregnant.

Side effects of brand or generic Lanvis include myelosuppression which is suppression of the bone marrow. This is common during chemotherapy. Production of all types of blood cells like platelets, white and red cells called pancytopenia may decrease. Modification of dosage and other prophylactic support is necessary to control the adverse reaction. Nausea, stomatis, intestinal perforation or necrosis are less frequent. Excessive uric acid levels in blood and urine, liver toxicity, jaundice, gain of weight due to increased retention of fluid may also occur during treatment with brand or generic Lanvis/ tioguanine.

Lanvis Dosage

The Lanvis dosage is determined by the type, stage of the leukemia, age, the other medicines, or chemotherapy being used, the target duration at the discretion of your physician. The tablet is to be taken orally strictly as per prescription. The doctor should have previous experience in administering chemotherapy as the exact dosages and reactions will have to be monitored closely. 2mg/kg body weight is the usual initial dosage given per day and may later be increased to 3mg on your doctors advise if there is no substantial improvement.

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