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Full information about Lupron Depot

Basic Information on Lupron Depot

Presence of endometrium in areas other the uterine lining causes dysmenorrhea and pains before menstruation in women. The condition is called Endometriosis. Lupron depot-3 Month 11.25 mg is prescribed to manage endometriosis and to reduce the endometriotic lesions. It is essential to improve the quality of blood, that is, ensure hematologic improvement, before operating for fibroids. Normally a one-month course of iron therapy will achieve the desired improvement.

Lupron depot- 3 moth 11.25 mg is indicated concomitantly with iron when the improvement of blood is not adequate with iron alone. The medicine is indicated to treat females, 18 years and older, in whom a three month long suppression of hormones is necessary. In men, brand/ generic Lupron depot, which contains Leuprolide acetate is used to treat symptoms of prostate cancer. Note that only the symptoms and not the cancer per se are treated. Brand or generic Lupron Depot is recommended for treating precocious puberty in female or male children.

Precautions / Side Effects for Lupron Depot

Brand or generic contains Leuprolide acetate which is a man-made nonapeptide. Inform your doctor about pregnancy as Lupron depot may cause birth defects. Do not use this medicine if you are suffering from abnormal bleeding in vagina, allergic to Leuprolide or are nursing a baby. If you have a family history of osteoporosis or taking other medicines, which influence bone density, for example seizure medication or steroids inform your doctor. Report also habits of smoking or abuse of alcohol which impact bone density.

Side effects reported during the use of brand or generic Lupron depot- 3 moth 11.25 mg/ Leuprolide acetate include; decrease in mineral density of bone, particularly in the vertebrae, hot flushes, decrease in HDL- cholesterol, and increase in LDL- cholesterol have been reported. Your doctor will supplement calcium and hormonal therapy with norethindrone acetate 5 mg daily to mitigate the variance in bone density.

Other side effects that may occur with brand or generic Lupron depot are; pain in bones, inflammation at the point where injection was given, difficulty in urination, giddiness, weak pulse, slow or difficult breathing, and fainting. Rarely, you may also notice strange sensation in the back, feet or legs tingling, loss of control in bladder or bowels, acne, facial hair growing more. Inform your doctor of all such events.

Lupron Depot Dosage

The dosage and regimen varies with the target disease. Brand or generic Lupron depot is administered through a syringe with dual-chambers. One chamber contains leuprolide acetate and other ingredients. The second chamber contains the diluents. On mixing, the constituents form the suspension for intramuscular injection. The injection is to be given once in three months. Administer the entire suspension intramuscularly, as a single dose and never as a fractional dose. There should be no caking or clumps in the powder. The appearance of the diluents should be clear. Hold the syringe always upright when mixing the diluents. The entire powder should get into the suspension. After removing the needle-cap upward, without twisting, administer the injection immediately before the reconstituted solution of Lupron Depot settles. In case a blood vessel is penetrated accidentally, the blood will be visible below the special devise LuproLoc™. Push the arrow with thumb or finger until you feel the click to lock the safety devise. The dosage varies with the intended treatment.

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