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Marquis Paste (Ponazuril)

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Full information about Marquis Paste

General Information on Marquis Paste

Marquis Paste is used for treating equine protozoal myeloencephalitis, or EPM, caused due to Sarcocystis neurona. The medicine is meant to be given to horses.

Active ingredient in the medicine is Ponazuril, and it belongs to the class of anticoccidial or antiprotozoal compounds with activities against different genera of phylum Apicomplexa.

It is given to the horse in the form of an oral paste. It is available in ready-to-use syringes so that its administration is made easier. The medicine works by reaching the parasite’s central nervous system, killing them at any stage of their lives.

Side effects of Marquis Paste

The veterinarian will not recommend you to buy Marquis Paste if your pet has allergy to Ponazuril, or if it is meant for food. Before starting treatment with Marquis Paste, make sure that the horse is not suffering from any other disease such as in-coordination, which has almost same signs as EPM.

Also inform the veterinarian if your horse is pregnant, lactating or breeding, as special adjustments may be needed during or before the treatment.

Because the medicine is not meant for human consumption, you should not give it to your horse if you are going to use it for food. Avoid getting the medicine ingested into your system, as severe reactions may take place. Do not smoke, eat or drink anything while handling the medicine, as it may accidentally get ingested by you.

Some of the side effects associated with Marquis Paste include hives, rashes, diarrhea, blisters, seizures or signs of mild colic. Notify the veterinarian immediately if your horse encounters any of these symptoms, as some adjustments may need to be made.

Some horses may also develop an allergic reaction to the medicine. Signs of an allergy include hives, facial swelling, shock, sudden onset of diarrhea, scratching, cold limbs, coma, seizures or pale gums. Contact the veterinarian at once if your pet encounters any of these symptoms.

Dosage of Marquis Paste

The veterinarian will advise you to give Marquis Paste 5mg per kg of the horse’s body weight once in a day, for 28 days.

Before administering the paste into the horse’s mouth, you need to make sure that there is not remaining feed in the pet’s mouth. Because each paste tube contains multiple doses, you have to measure the dose correctly and ensure that you are giving the right dose to your pet.

Once you have deposited the paste in your horse’s mouth, raise its head immediately for a few seconds so that the paste can be swallowed completely.

Drug Interactions of Marquis Paste

The veterinarian will not recommend you to buy Marquis Paste if your horse is allergic to the medicine, or if you are already giving it other medicines to treat the same condition.

You must also tell the veterinarian about all the prescription and non-prescription veterinary drugs you are giving to your pet at present, including herbal preparations and nutritional or health supplements. Depending on these, the veterinarian will be able to decide whether this medicine is the right product for your pet or not.

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