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General Information on Mometamax

Mometamax Otic Suspension is used for treating ear infections in dogs. The three active ingredients present in Mometamax are: Gentamicin sulphate, Mometasone furoate monohydrate, and Clotrimazole. Gentamicin is an antibiotic which fights various types of bacteria. Mometasone plays the role of a synthetic adrenocorticoid. Clotrimazole plays the role of an anti-fungal agent with the ability of fighting various infections caused by a wide variety of yeasts. The generic name of Mometamax is Gentamicin and Mometasone with Clotrimazole, and you can buy Mometamax online after consulting your vet.

Side effects of the drug

Mometamax may, in some cases, adversely affect a dog that is being given the medication. The use of Mometamax has been known to cause hearing problems in small dogs. Partial hearing loss is also a possibility. Older dogs may go completely deaf, and thus, the drug should be used with caution. Several symptoms of vestibular dysfunction may also be witnessed. Ear related issues should be immediately dealt with by flushing the ear canal. People who plan to buy Mometamax should be aware of the fact that it is dangerous to apply it on pregnant dogs. The most common issue which occurs if the drug is administered to a pregnant dog is the presence of a cleft palate in the offspring. There may be other significant deformities as well. Before the application of Mometamax Otic Suspension, the dog’s ear should be checked for signs of any rupture. In case of any rupture, Mometamax should not be used. The drug should not be ingested, and any contact with the eyes should also be avoided.


Before you buy Mometamax, check your pet’s ear canal for any existing damage or rupture. If this is the case, Mometamax should not be used at all, and treatment should be continued with a substitute. If there is no sign of any damage or rupture, the ear canal should be properly cleaned and dried. The removal of excess hair from the treatment area is also necessary to facilitate drug absorption. Mometamax is available in 4 sizes- Mometamax 7.5g, Mometamax 15g, Mometamax 30g and Mometamax 215g. For young dogs, 4 drops of Mometamax are to be applied daily. For older dogs, 8 drops of Mometamax are to be applied daily. After application, the ear should be massaged thoroughly to allow Mometamax to penetrate to the deeper reaches of the ear canal, thus making the treatment more effective. The course of Mometamax lasts for 7 days. It should not be applied for more than 7 days. If any unused medication is left, it should be discarded.


Mometamax should not be used if the dog has allergic reactions to any of the ingredients present in it. Also consult your vet if you are giving your pet any other drug before you buy Mometamax.

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