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Full information about Plavix


Plavix (clopidogrel bisulfate) is a prescription medication used in the treatment of chest pain, poor circulation, heart attack, and stroke by preventing platelets in your bloodstream from sticking together. When platelets stick together, blood clots are formed, which can cause a dangerous blockage in your arteries. Plavix is safe for adult men and women. A general risk of bleeding is present. There is no evidence to support the safe usage of Plavix on children. Plavix has been shown to prevent heart attack and stroke in the treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

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The following text is for informational purposes only and every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information. North Drugstore is an online Canadian and international prescription service that sources medication from dispensaries all over the world. We do not supply any medication without a prescription. Only your doctor or healthcare provider may prescribe Plavix, a generic alternative, or any other medication. If you have questions about your Plavix prescription, consult the product information or speak to your doctor. All North Drugstore prescription medication information should be read as supplemental to the advice given by doctors and official product literature. The information about side effects and safety warnings is incomplete.

About Plavix

Take only as recommended. Keep out of reach of children and pets, and store at room temperature. Do not take Plavix if it was not prescribed to you, even if you experience similar symptoms. Do not give someone unprescribed Plavix as it could seriously harm them. Only your doctor can determine if you’re fit to take Plavix. Take at regularly scheduled times. Do not skip a dose. If you forget, take it as soon as you remember. If it’s close to your next scheduled dose, skip it. Do not take a double dose to catch up. In the event of an overdose, contact a poison control centre or seek immediate emergency medical attention.

Before taking Plavix, tell your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, or are planning to become pregnant. It is not known if Plavix is excreted into breast milk, however, animal lab tests revealed positive signs of the medication in milk. Plavix can be taken with or without food. If you notice stomach upset, schedule your doses around mealtimes.

Important Health & Safety Information about Plavix

This is not a complete publication of Plavix health and safety information. It’s important to tell your doctor of any existing or past medical condition and to disclose all the medication, vitamins, supplements, and herbal remedies you are taking. Plavix has been known to interact with other medications, especially aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Warfarin, Coumadin, Jantoven, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). If you take any of these drugs, your doctor will determine if Plavix is right for you.

According to the product literature:

  • Plavix may not work as well in people who
    • Have certain genetic factors that affect how the body breaks down Plavix. Your doctor may do genetic tests to make sure Plavix is right for you.
    • Take certain medicines, especially omeprazole (Prilosec) or esomeprazole (Nexium). Your doctor may change the medicine you take for stomach acid problems while you take Plavix.
  • Plavix can cause bleeding which can be serious and can sometimes lead to death. Plavix is a blood thinner medicine that lowers the chance of blood clots forming in your body. While you take Plavix:
    • You may bruise and bleed more easily
    • You are more likely to have nose bleeds
    • It will take longer for any bleeding to stop

Call your doctor right away if you have any of these signs or symptoms of bleeding:

  • unexpected bleeding or bleeding that lasts a long time
  • blood in your urine (pink, red or brown urine)
  • red or black stools (looks like tar)
  • bruises that happen without a known cause or get larger
  • cough up blood or blood clots
  • vomit blood or your vomit looks like coffee grounds

Do not stop taking Plavix without talking to the doctor who prescribes it for you. People who stop taking Plavix too soon have a higher risk of having a heart attack or dying. If you must stop Plavix because of bleeding, your risk of a heart attack may be higher.

Possible Side Effects of Plavix

This is not a complete publication of possible side effects. Consult with your doctor about Plavix side effects. According to the Plavix package insert:

Plavix can cause serious side effects including:

  • a blood-clotting problem called Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP). TTP can happen with Plavix, sometimes after a short time (less than 2 weeks). TTP is a blood clotting problem where blood clots form in blood vessels, and can happen anywhere in the body. TTP needs to be treated in a hospital right away, because it may cause death. Get medical help right away if you have any of these symptoms and they cannot be explained by another medical condition:
  • purplish spots (called purpura) on the skin or in the mouth (mucous membranes) due to bleeding under the skin
  • your skin or the whites of your eyes are yellow (jaundice)
  • you feel tired or weak
  • your skin looks very pale
  • fever
  • fast heart rate or feeling short of breath
  • headache
  • speech changes
  • confusion
  • coma
  • stroke
  • seizure
  • low amount of urine, or urine that is pink or has blood in it
  • stomach area (abdominal) pain
  • nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • vision changes

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