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Full information about PregVit

General Information on PregVit

PregVit is a supplement that contains certain essential vitamins and minerals for pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. This supplement is usually taken after consulting with a gynecologist after the patient has been confirmed to be pregnant, has just delivered a baby or is in the breastfeeding stage.

During the above mentioned conditions, the doctor would generally advise you to take certain multivitamins. The decision on what supplement must be taken would be based on various factors, like your medical condition and history and your nutrition needs. You can buy PregVit only if your doctor has recommended it for your case after examining all the necessary factors.

PregVit aims to provide the body with the right level of nutrients like calcium, vitamins, folic acid, etc. It may be difficult to get the necessary amount of these nutrients by diet alone, which is why PregVit would be needed.

Side effects of PregVit

PregVit is not known to cause serious side effects, but you must be extremely careful not to take too much of this supplement, otherwise it may lead to an overdose. Excess vitamin and mineral levels can cause serious problems, so you must follow the dosage instructions given by your doctor at all times until the end of your course.

Dosage of PregVit

PregVit is taken according to its unique ‘2 step approach’. Each pack contains 2 groups of tablets distinguishable by their colors- pink and blue. The pack would also contain a patient’s information leaflet that contains instructions on how and when to take the medication. Your doctor or a qualified nurse would also instruct you on the right method of administration before you buy PregVit. If you are not instructed about it or if you have doubts about how to take this supplement, you can ask your doctor, pharmacist or any other qualified healthcare professional.

The unique method of taking PregVit is designed to prevent cases of constipation, which is a common side effect that occurs with other brands of multivitamins. Moreover, PregVit is separated into 2 tablets because iron would not be absorbed properly by the body if calcium is added to the same tablet. Hence, iron and calcium are separated into 2 tablets to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients in the body. The pink tablet, which contains iron, is taken in the morning while the blue tablet, which contains calcium, is taken in the evening.

The pink tablet is usually taken on an empty stomach the first thing in the morning. This ensures maximum vitamin absorption. This tablet contains the following nutrients- iron, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin E1. The blue tablet is taken in the evening, preferably within one hour after you have eaten food. This tablet contains the following nutrients- calcium, folic acid, vitamin D3 and vitamin B12.


PregVit may interact with certain medications. You must be especially careful while taking PregVit if you are already on thyroid medications. If your doctor has told you to take certain thyroid medicines like levothyroxine early in the morning on an empty stomach, then you must take the pink PregVit tablet only after 4 hours have passed.

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