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Full information about Ranexa

Basic Information On Ranexa

Ranexa is an anti-ischemic and anti-anginal agent. It is used in the treatment of chronic angina. When the drug is administered in combination with amlodipine it shows decrease in the episodes of angina in patients with coronary artery diseases. When administered with other concomitant medications such as diltiazem or atenolol the drug increases the tolerance of exercise. Thus, the drug is often used in a combination therapy with other agents such as ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers (CCB), beta-blockers, anti-platelet agents, lipid lowering therapy or angiotensin receptor blocker. The exact mechanism of action of brand or generic Ranexa is not known. However, the drug alters the intra-cellular sodium levels which in-turn affects the calcium channels (that depend upon sodium). The drug prevents overload of calcium in an indirect way.

Precautions / Side Effects For Ranexa

Common side effects of the Ranexa drug are dry mouth, weakness, mild dizziness, headache, mild nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, constipation, ringing in the ears and spinning sensation. Inform your health care provider or physician if these side effects prolong or worsen. Serious side effects of Ranolazine are shortness of breath, skin rashes, severe tingling, bruising, muscle weakness, pain, numbness, tremors (or shaking), urinating less than usual, not urinating at all, blood in urine, pounding heartbeats, slow or fast (irregular) heartbeats, feeling like passing out and swelling in the ankles, feet or hands.

If you experience the above mentioned serious side effects then report the same to your physician and seek medical help. Ranexa shows drug-drug interactions with many other drugs such as digoxin, phenytoin, ketoconazole, verapamil etc. Therefore, inform you doctor about any medication that you are taking before you begin the treatment with Ranolazine. Pregnant women and breast feeding women must administer the drug only with the advice of their health care provider.

Ranexa Dosage

The initial dose of Ranexa is recommended to be 500 mg per day. The drug is administered twice a day. Based on the response and tolerance of the patient the dosage may be increased from 500 mg to 1000 mg per day. Clinical symptoms should also be considered before the doses are adjusted. Also, 1000 mg is the maximum recommended dose and should not be exceeded. Patients who are administering other drugs such as CYP3A inhibitors, verapamil and diltiazem should not administer more than 500 mg of brand or generic Ranexa (taken twice per day). Dose adjustments are required for patients on combination therapy.

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