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Full information about Rapaflo

General Information on Rapaflo

Rapaflo is a drug prescribed for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.) BPH is the medical term for an ailment generally referred to as an enlarged prostate. The generic name of the drug is Silodosin. One can buy Rapaflo only as per a doctor’s prescription. An enlarged prostate or BPH is a common disease among men aged 60 years or older. An enlarged prostate puts pressure on the bladder, leading to frequent urination especially at night, which in turn leads to poor sleep. An enlarged prostate can also make it difficult for the elderly to urinate by acting like a clamp over the urethra.

Rapaflo gives quick relief within a few days to patients who have an enlarged prostate. It is natural for male patients to be reticent about their problem for some time. Doctors urge that an early diagnosis can prevent widespread damage to the urinary tract. It also prevents urinary tract infections and a weakening of the bladder.

Rapaflo targets only the urethra and bladder neck smooth muscles. This is done with the help of alpha blockers which are selective and do not have much effect on blood vessels and other parts of the body. The biggest advantage of Rapaflo is that it avoids the need to get up and urinate in the middle of the night. This allows the patient to have a good night’s sleep. Therefore, Rapaflo has many positive effects for a patient suffering from an enlarged prostate.

Side effects of Rapaflo

Rapaflo may cause dizziness and problems with ejaculation. It can cause retrograde ejaculation (an absence or reduction of semen during orgasms.)

The 5 ARI blockers also cause a reduction in sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. This is due to the reduction of dihydrotestosterone.

The drug can also cause diarrhea, a congestion of the nasal passages, and a certain degree of swelling. In some patients, Rapaflo may cause drowsiness, which may impair their ability to drive a car or operate heavy machinery. Rapaflo can also cause dizziness in some cases if a person gets up suddenly from a sitting position after taking a dose.

Dosage of Rapaflo

You must buy Rapaflo only as per the advice of a doctor, but the normal dose is once a day with a meal. The medication must preferably be taken at night before bedtime.

The patient is required to report any feelings of unease to the physician. If the drug works the way it should, it can be taken at the same time every day or at night.

It is necessary to take Rapaflo for the full period of prescription or as suggested by the doctor.


Silodosin removal from the body may be impaired due to drugs like ketoconazole, ritonavir, clarithromycin and itroconazole.

Alpha blockers taken as high blood pressure medications can also interact with Rapaflo.

Drugs that are taken for erectile problems in a male can also interact with Rapaflo. Erythromycin too reduces the rate at which Silodosin is removed from the body.

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