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Full information about Rebetol Oral Solution

General Information on Rebetol Solution

Rebetol Solution is a antiviral medicine indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. The generic name of Rebetol Solution is ribavirin.

This medication is ‘prodrug’, which means that the active substance in the drug is created by metabolism within the body only after administration. In the case of Rebetol Solution, ribavirin metabolizes to form a chemical similar to the RNA nucleotides of viruses. It then interferes in the replication process of the virus, thus controlling the spread of the viral disease.

For the treatment of hepatitis C infections, you must not buy Rebetol Solution alone. It is usually accompanied by an interferon alpha product, since ribavirin alone is not effective for hepatitis C treatment.

Side effects of Rebetol Solution

Rebetol Solution should not be taken if you have previously suffered from an allergy to ribavirin. You must also avoid taking this drug if you suffer from autoimmune hepatitis, a severe liver disease or anemia, thalassemia, or any other hemoglobin disorder. Rebetol Solution is counter-indicated if you are currently taking didanosine or if you are pregnant, since Rebetol Solution is known to cause birth defects if taken during pregnancy.

In fact, Rebetol Solution must also not be taken by a male who has a pregnant sexual partner. Adequate birth control measures need to be taken while either partner is taking this medication. You need to discuss what measures would be adequate, and you may also need to take 2 forms. Birth control measures need to be continued for at least 6 months after your treatment is complete.

Rebetol Solution may cause certain serious side effects that need to be notified to your doctor immediately. These side effects include vision problem, flu-like symptoms, body pain, chills and fever, severe pain in the upper abdominal region that spreads to the back, rapid heart rate, stabbing chest pain, falling short of breath, wheezing, hallucinations, severe depression, heaviness or pain in the chest that may spread to the shoulder and arm, dark colored urine, abnormal weakness, and yellowish or pale skin.

Rebetol Solution reduces the red blood cell count in your body, which results in anemia. This condition may be life threatening, especially for people who suffer from blood circulation and hearing problems.

Dosage of Rebetol Solution

If you buy Rebetol Solution, then you must take exactly the same dosage prescribed for you. A larger dose may result in an overdose, while a small dose may not prove to be effective in treating your infection. This medication must not be taken alone, so you must take other drugs prescribed as well for efficient treatment.

The dosage of Rebetol Solution must be measured with a dose measuring cup. You can get a cup from your local pharmacist if you do not have one handy. Since Rebetol Solution reduces the RBC count in your body, you may need to undergo regular blood tests to check for such problems.

Rebetol Solution may cause dehydration. You must drink plenty of fluids while you are on this medication. The risk of dehydration is especially greater if you exercise or during hot weather.


It is important to inform your doctor of all the medications you are currently taking before taking Rebetol Solution.

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