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Full information about Renvela

General Information on Renvela

Renvela is a medication indicated for the treatment and prevention of hypocalcemia, which is a medical condition characterized by the reduced level of body calcium. The generic name of Renvela is sevelamer, which belongs to a drug class known as phosphate binders.

Renvela works by reacting with phosphorus in the body, which reduces the level of phosphorus in the body. Hypocalcemia occurs as a result of abnormally high levels of phosphorus in the body. By curbing the phosphorus levels, Renvela prevents the onset of hypocalcemia.

Renvela is also indicated for the treatment of high blood phosphorus levels in patients diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and those undergoing dialysis.

Side effects of Renvela

You may not be able to take Renvela if you suffer from an bowel obstruction or if you have previously suffered from an allergy to sevelamar. You must inform your doctor if you experience the following before taking Renvela- severe constipation, swallowing problems, a diagnosed block in the intestines, intestinal or gastric disorders or if you have undergone any intestinal or stomach surgery.

The danger posed by Renvela for the fetus when it is taken during a pregnancy is not yet confirmed. You must talk to your doctor and discuss the risks involved for you and your baby before you are asked to buy Renvela. If you are breastfeeding a baby, you must also discuss the risks involved for the nursing baby before you begin taking Renvela.

Dosage of Renvela

Renvela must be taken in the exact dosage prescribed by your doctor for your condition. Your doctor may have to change the dosage prescribed based on your response to treatment. Renvela is available in the form of tablets and powder- and both are taken orally. The tablets are named Renvela 800mg, containing 800mg of sevelamer. The powder form of Renvela is available in sealed packs containing sevelamer 0.8g or sevelamer 2.4g. Renvela in the powder form is to be mixed with a liquid to form an oral suspension solution.

Renvela is recommended to be taken in three equal doses per day, usually accompanied with meals. This frequency is followed irrespective of the dosage prescribed by your doctor. In order to make an oral suspension of Renvela with its powder form, you must empty the entire contents of a packet of Renvela into a cup. Depending on the strength of Renvela powder, you must add the right amount of water into the cup and stir it well. If you are using a 0.8g packet, you must add 30ml of water. If you are taking the 2.4g packet, you must add 60ml of water.

If you are using the powder form of Renvela, you must mix and make the oral suspension only when you are ready to take the drug. Do not prepare the oral suspension beforehand and store it for later use.


Renvela is known to react and bind to other drugs, so you must avoid taking other medications for 1 hour before you take Renvela. You must also avoid taking drugs for 3 hours from the time you take Renvela. You must especially inform your doctor if you are taking seizure or heart rhythm medications before you buy Renvela.

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