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Rescriptor (Delavirdine Mesylate)

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Full information about Rescriptor

Basic Information On Rescriptor

Rescriptor is prescribed as a part of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) for treating HIV-1. Rescriptor controls the virus by attaching itself to reverse transcriptase, blocking its DNA polymerase activities, which are dependent on RNA or DNA. HIV primarily is a retrovirus and its suppression and treatment warrants a multi-drug approach. Resistant virus may emerge very rapidly if the medicine is used for monotherapy. Hence, it should always be used along with minimum of two other NRTIs. Rescriptor drug provides swift bioavailability, by virtue of its high-absorption rate. The plasma levels peak, in about one hour. The medicine diminishes the quantity of HIV virus in the body and also brings down the risk of other HIV related complications like cancer or new infections.

Precautions/ Side Effects For Rescriptor

Brand or generic Rescriptor contains Delavirdine mesylate, a manmade non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, of the HIV-1 (human immunodeficiency virus type 1). The medicine does not actually cure HIV infection; it helps to control the infection level. The risk of spreading HIV through sexual contact or blood contamination to others may continue, even with Rescriptor therapy. Practice safe-sex and avoid sharing used needles. A previous infection may recur, when you start this medicine for the first time. This is because, your immune system regains better ability. Consult your doctor if you notice symptoms of difficult breathing, cough, fever, skin infections, vision problems, or headaches.

Rashes are a major side effect while using Delavirdine mesylate. The rashes may appear between one and three weeks of commencing the medication. The rashes can be controlled by suitable symptomatic treatment and brand or generic Rescriptor may be continued. However, if the rashes are accompanied by blistering, mouth lesions, conjunctivitis, aches in muscles or joints or swelling, the continuation of the medicine may have to be reviewed. Body fat may accumulate, or it may get redistributed with long-term effects. To derive the best benefits of this medicine and manage its side effects, you must be under continuous medical supervision and follow the prescribed dosage.

Rescriptor Dosage

The suggested dose for Rescriptor is 400 mg, three times a day. You may take either four tablets of 100 mg or two tablets of 200 mg. The drug may be taken with or without food. If you so desire, you may take the drug as a solution. Dissolve four tablets each of 100 mg, in 3 ounces of water, stir to make a uniform dispersion and swallow immediately. Rinse the glass with a little more water and drink the rinse also, to ensure that you have taken the entire dose. The 200 mg tablets do not dissolve easily and hence take the tablets directly. Take the medicine with cranberry or orange juice if you are suffering from achlorhydria (hydrochloric acid deficiency). Allow an hour’s gap between Rescriptor and antacids.

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