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Full information about Sibelium

Basic Information On Sibelium

Sibelium is a calcium channel blocking agent which stops the calcium influx into cells of heart and blood vessels. The blood vessels are relaxed and provide increased oxygen and blood supply to heart. It dilates coronary arteries, arterioles and decreases myocardial contractivity and slow atrioventricular nodal conduction. The Sibelium drug reaches its peak plasma level in 2-4 hours and stabilizes in around 5-6 weeks. It does not alter the normal cellular homeostasis. Its chemical ingredients are eliminated through feces via bile after hepatic metabolism. It is used to treat prophylaxis of classic (with aura) and common (without aura) migraine and symptomatic treatment of vestibular vertigo (due to a diagnosed functional disorder of the vestibular system). It also lessens the severity of migraine attack.

Precautions / Side effects Of Sibelium

Sibelium contains Flunarizine. It may lead to sedation or drowsiness, hence you should avoid activities which require alertness, for example driving or operating machinery. Brand or generic Sibelium is excreted in milk. Flunarizine concentration in breast milk is much higher than that in plasma. Lactating women should therefore not consume this medication. You may experience extra pyramidal symptoms. You should be regularly monitored to be able to detect any such symptoms early. In that case, this medication should be discontinued.

Brand or generic Sibelium can cause depression, particularly in those patients who have a family history of depression. It can cause galactorrhea in women and elevate serum prolactin levels. Flunarizine should not be taken by patients who are hypersensitive to this medication. As this drug is metabolized by the liver, patients with impaired liver function should be extra careful when taking Sibelium. Other common side effects of this drug are dryness in the mouth, lack of sleep, heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

Sibelium Dosage

The recommended adult dosage is 10 mg daily, administered in the evening. If you are above 65 years of age or you experience side effects, you could be put on 5 mg daily. Sibelium is slow acting medication and its effects show after several weeks of treatment. You should therefore not discontinue this medication for lack of effectiveness. However if, even after 2 months of treatment, no improvement is experienced, treatment should be discontinued. However, if you respond well, you should be brought down to a maintenance dose of 5 mg, five days a week, followed by two consecutive medicine free days.

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