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Timoptic (Timolol Maleate)

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Full information about Timoptic

General Information on Timoptic Eye Drops

Timoptic Eye Drops or timolol, the main active ingredient and chemical name of the drug, is used to treat glaucoma. This is a condition which causes vision loss due to increased pressure in the eye. Timoptic Eye Drops are also used to treat other conditions like ocular hypertension. It prevents the onset of blindness by decreasing fluid accumulation and pressure in the eye. Timolol falls under the class of drugs called beta-blockers. Before you buy Timoptic Eye Drops online, you should be aware that it can only control glaucoma and not cure it.

Side effects of Timoptic Eye Drops

The side effects of Timoptic Eye Drops are rare. Minor side effects include eye irritation, diplopia, headache, anxiety and depression, lightheadedness, diarrhea and abdominal pain. You can consult your doctor if these symptoms become severe or do not abate. The serious side effects include bradycardia, irregular heart rate, dyspnea, sudden weight gain, edema in the lower legs, or loss of consciousness. Stop using Timoptic Eye Drops immediately and consult your doctor if you develop these symptoms.


Before you buy Timoptic Eye Drops, you should inform your doctor if you are allergic to timolol or any other beta-blockers, or if you use other ophthalmic medications. Patients who are pregnant or are scheduled to undergo any surgery, particularly a dental surgery, must inform their doctor or operating surgeon about their respective condition/if they use Timoptic Eye Drops. If you are using another eye medication along with Timoptic Eye Drops, it is best to maintain a gap of least 10 minutes between each dose. Patients should always administer the missed dose as soon as they remember, but must never double the dose to compensate for the missed one.

Timoptic Eye Drops Dosage

These eye drops come in Timoptic Eye Drops 0.25% and Timoptic Eye Drops 0.5% strengths. One drop of Timoptic Eye Drops 0.25% is the recommended starting dose in the affected eye and is to be applied two times a day. If the initial recommended dose does not have an adequate therapeutic response, it can be changed to one drop of Timoptic Eye Drops 0.5% two times a day. If the glaucoma is found to be controlled at satisfactory levels after four weeks of timolol therapy, the dosage can be decreased to one drop once a day. Doses stronger than Timoptic Eye Drops 0.5% two times a day have not been shown to have any significant effect on lowering intraocular pressure.


Timoptic Eye Drops have no effect on pupil size, although when used in conjunction with epinephrine, reflex pupillary dilation has been noted on occasion. The use of another beta-adrenergic blocking agent along with Timoptic Eye Drops is also contraindicated. Intravenous or oral use of calcium channel blockers should be avoided by patients using Timoptic Eye Drops as it can lead to low blood pressure. Slow pulse and depression are also reported when this drug is used concomitantly with quinidine and SSRIs. Oral beta-blockers tend to exacerbate rebound hypertension, which can continue even after discontinuation of clonidine, but there have been no reports of such with this medication. Inform your doctor if you’re on any other drug before you buy Timoptic Eye Drops to prevent serious complications.

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