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Trileptal (Oxcarbazepine)

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Full information about Trileptal

Basic Information On Trileptal

Trileptal is an anti-epileptic or anti-convulsant medicine prescribed for controlling seizures. The recommendation varies with the type of epilepsy and the age. Trileptal is recommended either, as monotherapy (without combining with other medicines) or as adjunctive, meaning, auxiliary therapy, in the case of adults having partial seizures. The medicine may be used as monotherapy, to treat partial seizures in epilepsy-affected children, aged above four years. It is useful as an adjunctive remedy in the case of epilepsy-affected children, aged two years and above. The medicine acts by inhibiting the impulses in the neurons to mitigate the seizures.

Precautions/ Side Effects For Trileptal

It is essential to learn and follow the basic precautions that are necessary for safe and beneficial usage of medicines that you may be taking. You would have been prescribed brand or generic Trileptal for seizures. Follow a non-hormone birth control method, because, hormonal contraceptives may not be effective when taken along with Trileptal. In case, you do become pregnant, inform the doctor immediately, as oxcarbazepine, may harm the fetus. Sodium levels may fall drastically evidenced by hallucinations, muscle pain, weakness, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, thirst or increased severity of the seizure. Jaundice, reduced or total lack of urination may also be noticed in some cases. The side effects may be ameliorated; by change in dosage, supplemental therapy or may warrant discontinuation in some cases. Consult your doctor.

The side effects reported with usage of brand or generic Trileptal are; speech problems, diminished mental alacrity, inability to concentrate, dizziness, drowsiness, skin rashes, lack of coordination, nausea, diarrhea or tremors. Suicidal tendency may go up. If you are caring for a person being treated with oxcarbazepine, be observant and inform the doctor of any sudden changes in the mood. Many great achievers have succeeded while facing the same or other equally debilitating diseases. Will power combined with proper therapy can help you to lead a quality life. Continue Trileptal as prescribed, even after improvement sets in.

Trileptal Dosage

The appropriate dose will be recommended by your doctor. Shake the bottle well and measure the dose using, the special oral syringe supplied with the medicine. You may take the medicine, orally, either, directly from the oral syringe, or take it, mixed with a little water in a glass. Generally, a combination of different drugs is used to treat seizures. Follow the complete therapy.

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