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Full information about Trosyl Nail Solution

General Information on Trosyl Nail Solution

Trosyl Nail Solution is a medication with the generic name tioconazole. Tioconazole belongs to the drug class known as antifungal drugs and treats fungal infections caused by moulds, yeast, and other fungi.

You can buy Trosyl Nail Solution online or from a pharmacy to treat specific fungal infections of the nails. Fungal nail infections are quite difficult to eradicate as the nails themselves are hard, making it difficult for drugs to penetrate them and treat the infections. Moreover, it takes a long time for the nails to grow back in their healthy form once the infection has been dealt with.

Trosyl Nail Solution works by killing yeast and other fungi that cause the nail infection. The medicine targets the cell membrane of the fungi by blocking their production of a certain chemical known as ergosterol. This chemical plays an important role in the integrity of the cell membrane, and stopping the production of ergosterol consequently breaks down the cell membrane.

When the cell membrane of the fungi collapses, the cells themselves are unable to survive and therefore die. As a result, Trosyl Nail Solution kills the fungal cells and treats the infection.

Side effects of Trosyl Nail Solution

Trosyl Nail Solution is indicated only for application on the nails. It can cause dangerous and unpleasant side effects if it comes into contact with the skin. If you accidently get Trosyl Nail Solution on your skin, wash it off immediately with some water and soap.

The most common side effect of Trosyl Nail Solution is swelling of the soft skin around the nail. This side effect is generally tolerable, and you can still continue treatment once you inform your doctor about the same. However, if the swelling becomes intolerable or painful, you need to alert your doctor at once. Apart from swelling, you may also experience mild rashes or irritation around the skin of the nail, but these side effects are uncommon.

Dosage of Trosyl Nail Solution

You must apply Trosyl Nail Solution on your infected nails just as you would apply a nail varnish. The solution would then form a thin, albeit slightly greasy film over the nail. By applying Trosyl Nail Solution as a thin film, you would allow tioconazole to penetrate into the nail bed through the nail so that it can kill the infection-causing fungi.

The recommended frequency for patients who buy Trosyl Nail Solution is two times a day on the infected nail. Regardless of the frequency of application, you must only use the solution as per your doctor’s prescription till the infected portion of your nail grows out completely. This has to be done for the full course of treatment, otherwise the infection may come back once again.

The majority of infections for which Trosyl Nail Solution is prescribed heal and clear up after 6 to 12 months of constant and disciplined treatment. Until your infection has been cleared, you would need to visit your doctor for a checkup every 3 months.


Trosyl Nail Solution may interact with certain other medications or nail care products. You may not be able to apply nail polish or other products on the infected nail while you are using Trosyl Nail Solution.

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