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Full information about Zarontin

Basic Information On Zarontin

Zarontin is used to treat epilepsy. The nerve cells of brain and nerves interact with each other through electric signals. Abnormally rapid and repetitive release of electric signals overstimulates the brain and causes seizures. The drug Zarontin stabilizes the electrical activity in the brain by preventing repetitive firing of electrical signals. It raises the brain’s threshold to stimuli. This medication is absorbed well when taken orally. It is metabolized by the liver and has a half life greater than 24 hours for both children and adults. It primarily treats absence (petit mal) seizures. It suppresses the typical 3 cycle per second spike and wave pattern of absence seizures. This medication is administered in combination with other anti-epileptic drugs to control different kinds of seizures like grand mal seizures.

Precautions / Side Effects Of Zarontin

Zarontin contains Ethosuximide. Common side effects caused by it are loss of appetite, stomach upset, diarrhea, and weight loss, which usually subside on their own. In case you experience more severe symptoms like hallucinations, headaches, vision problems fatigue, dizziness, unusual bleeding, or suicidal thoughts, you should report it to your doctor. Brand or generic Zarontin may also cause allergic reactions like rash. You may need to change your epilepsy drug in such a case.

The efficacy of Ethosuximide is affected if you consume barbiturates or other CNS depressants, caffeine, alcohol or if you smoke, as these substances aggravate the effect of Zarontin on central nervous system. Alcohol also heightens dizziness caused by this drug and further increases the risk of seizures. Therefore, you should tell your doctor about your drinking and smoking habits along with other medications taken by you. Brand or generic Zarontin is harmful to an unborn baby and must not be taken by pregnant women.

Zarontin Dosage

The recommended Zarontin dosage for patients over 6 years of age is two 250 mg capsules (500 mg) per day. The dosage should be increased in small increments of 250 mg daily, till seizures are controlled with least side effects. Dosage for patients 3-6 years of age is 250 mg daily, while pediatric patients, under 3 years of age should be given a daily dosage of 20 mg per kilogram of their bodyweight. This dosage is able to deliver plasma levels within the accepted therapeutic range of 40 mcg/ml to100 mcg/ml. This drug is taken in adjunct therapy with other anticonvulsants when other forms of epilepsy are also present with absence (petit mal) seizures.

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