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General Information on Nalcrom

You may buy Nalcrom for the relief of certain symptoms of allergic reactions. The generic name for Nalcrom is sodium cromoglicate, which is a mast cell stabilizer.

The method of action of Nalcrom is not known completely, but it is thought to stabilize and prevent the release of histamines from mast cells, which are an integral part of the immune system. Mast cells are triggered to release histamines when the body is exposed to certain foreign particles known as allergens. The chemicals released by mast cells cause inflammations and fight off the foreign substance.

When mast cells are stabilized and the level of histamine and other inflammation-causing chemicals are reduced, the body’s allergic response is diminished and the patient is relieved of the allergy symptoms.

Side effects of Nalcrom

You must not buy Nalcrom if you have previously suffered an allergy to cromoglicic acid or to any other ingredients used in this medication. For this reason, you must inform your doctor about your allergies, if you have any, before Nalcrom is prescribed for you. You must also stop taking this medication and seek immediate medical assistance if you find yourself suffering from an allergic reaction. The signs of such a reaction include the appearance of hives, breathing problems, tightness in the chest and swollen tongue, throat and face.

Nalcrom is not known to be dangerous to the fetus if it is taken during pregnancy. Nevertheless, you must consult your doctor and discuss about the safety of this medication before buying it, if you are pregnant.

Mild side effects may occur on taking Nalcrom. These side effects are merely transient and go away on their own. They include joint pain, mild nausea and redness or rashes on skin. You must talk to your doctor if these side effects turn severe or if they do not go away even after a long time. There are no side effects reported when Nalcrom is taken along with other medications. However, it is recommended that you still talk to your doctor and share the complete list of other medications you are taking before you take Nalcrom.

Dosage of Nalcrom

Nalcrom is available as inhaler, nasal spray and capsules in order to treat asthma, nasal allergies and other forms of allergies. Irrespective of the form of Nalcrom you are buying, you must read and follow the instruction label that comes with the medication. If Nalcrom has been prescribed for you, then you must follow the explicit instructions of your doctor.

Do not shift to any other brand or dosage form of Nalcrom without informing your doctor and discussing the risks involved in doing so. As an inhaled medication, Nalcrom is usually taken three to four times in a day for preventing asthma attacks. It is also used to prevent any breathing problems arising due to exercise.

If you are not sure about the correct usage of Nalcrom, you must ask your doctor or a suitable healthcare professional about the right method of administration. You must administer only the dosage prescribed for your own condition.

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