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Full information about Otomax

General Information about Otomax Ointment

Otomax is an antibacterial and antifungal steroid prescribed for dogs suffering from chronic or acute otitis (ear infection). The ointment is composed of three different categories of drugs- betamethasone valerate which is a corticosteroid, gentamicin sulphate- an antibiotic and an antifungal named clotrimazole. Otomax alleviates discomfort and swelling caused by yeast formation in the ear cavity of dogs and reduces odour. Even though this medicine is most effective on dogs, You may also buy Otomax Ointment for treating other canines and even rodents, if your veterinarian prescribes it.

Side Effects of Otomax

All drugs affect the body and the mind adversely to some degree while they work to solve the problems of their target areas. Otomax is no exception. Dogs undergoing prolonged use of the ointment might experience the following side effects. Of course, the effects vary from animal to animal.

  • partial hearing loss or complete deafness for a short span of time;
  • loss of balance;
  • increased thirst and urination if the drug is ingested;

These minor side effects are temporary in nature. More serious troubles may develop in certain animals if overdose occurs or if the dog is allergic to the drugs constituting Otomax. They are :

  • vestibular toxicity;
  • renal toxicity;
  • cochlear toxicity;
  • fluid retention leading to swollen face and limbs;
  • weight gain resulting from increase in appetite;
  • diarrhea (with blood);
  • vomiting;
  • overgrowth of bacteria and fungi which are not susceptible to the particular drug triggered by the use of topical antifungals and antibiotics(immunosuppression);
  • increased time required to heal wounds;
  • seizures;
  • unusual scratching and hives;
  • marked change from usual behaviour pattern;

Otomax should NOT be applied on dogs having perforated eardrums. If unsure, let the veterinarian carefully check the dog’s ears before administering doses of the medicine. The drugs present in Otomax also make the medicine unfit for pregnant dogs or dogs with existing hearing impairment.

Dosage of Otomax

You can buy Otomax Ointment as a prescription drug available in tubes as well as plastic containers. It should be used as per the veterinarian’s instructions, as an overdose can have severe negative effects on the patient. The recommended dosage for dogs weighing less than 15 kgs is 4 drops on each affected ear every 12 hours for a week. For dogs weighing over 15 kgs, the number of drops increases to 8 per ear. One of the most important points to be kept in mind while applying the medicine is that the area (ie, the ear) should be properly cleaned and dried. In dogs with long and excessive hair, the area surrounding the ear should be neatly trimmed to facilitate application of the ointment. Otomax ointment should not be used beyond seven days under any circumstances. The medicine should be stored in room temperature. Avoid oral intake of Otomax as it might lead to birth defects.


Otomax widely interacts with certain other drugs owing to its constituent elements. It is best to avoid other corticosteroids or similar antibiotics while on Otomax. Drugs inducing ototoxicity should also not be taken simultaneously with Otomax. The veterinarian’s advice should be taking regarding medication.

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