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Full information about Tobrex Eye Ointment

General Information on Tobrex Eye Ointment

Tobrex Eye Ointment is an antibiotic medication for the eyes. It is given for treating several types of bacterial eye infections. The generic and chemical name of Tobrex Eye Ointment is tobramycin ophthalmic.

Tobrex Eye Ointment contains 0.3 %, or 3mg of tobramycin. The ointment also contains 0.5 % or 5mg chlorobutanol as a preservative and white petrolatum and mineral oil as inactive ingredients.

You may buy Tobrex Eye Ointment online for other medical reasons as well, but only if the doctor has specifically prescribed it for that condition. However, Tobrex Eye Ointment does not cure a fungal or viral eye infection. It is only indicated for treating bacterial infections.

Side effects of Tobrex Eye Ointment

There are no serious side effects associated with Tobrex Eye Ointment. The most common side effects seen with this medication is burning sensation, itching, irritation, or redness in the eye, itching or swelling of the eyelid, blurred vision, and increased sensitivity to light. While these side effects are minor and usually go away on their own, you must let your doctor know if they turn severe or continue for an abnormally long period of time.

Tobrex Eye Ointment may not cause any serious side effect, but there is a risk of an eye infection if you do not keep the dropper sterile while applying the medication. In order to avoid contaminating the dropper, you must follow the dosage instructions given below.

You must inform your doctor if you suffer from any other side effect even if it is not mentioned above. In rare cases, an allergic reaction may be triggered due to Tobrex Eye Ointment. The signs of such reactions would include extreme itching or burning sensation in the eye, swelling of the eye or eyelids, and the appearance of hives.

Dosage of Tobrex Eye Ointment

Your doctor will prescribe the number of drops to be applied and the frequency of application. You will also get a patient instruction leaflet on how to handle the ointment and apply it when you buy Tobrex Eye Ointment. If you have any doubt about how to apply the ointment, you may consult your doctor, pharmacist or any other qualified medical professional.

You must wash and clean your hands before you apply Tobrex Eye Ointment. Once you have washed your hands, shake the bottle containing the ointment well. After this, tilt your head back and place the dropper a few inches above the eye where the medicine is to be applied. Once the required number of drops is applied, close your eye and rotate your eyeballs to spread the drops evenly. If you are applying the ointment in the other eye, you must wait for 10 minutes before proceeding further.


Tobrex Eye Ointment may interact with other eye medications. Do not change its dose or take it along with other drugs without first talking to your doctor.

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