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Full information about Azurette

General Information On Azurette

Azurette is a hormonal drug used for preventing a pregnancy. As an oral contraceptive, it is a combination of two hormones: estrogen and progestin.

Azurette prevents pregnancy by working in three different ways. It prevents the release of eggs or ovulation and then changes the cervical mucus so that the egg (if ovulation has already taken place) does not merge with the sperm and induce fertilization. Azurette also changes the uterine lining so that an already fertilized egg does not attach itself to the uterine lining, and implantation does not take place.

Apart from preventing a pregnancy, Azurette can also be used for rectifying irregular periods, decreasing risks of ovarian cysts, and reducing pain and blood loss during periods. Note that contraceptive pills do not provide protection against a sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, or HIV. For that, you will have to use a barrier form of contraception such as condoms, especially if you have more than one sexual partner.

Side effects of Azurette

Vaginal discomfort or irritation, stomach bloating or cramping, dizziness, headache, vomiting, nausea, breast enlargement or tenderness, worsened/improved acne, and increased vaginal discharge may take place after the use of Azurette. Some women may also witness spotting between periods, irregular menses, or a missed period, especially during the initial few months of Azurette treatment. Although these are common side effects of the drug, you should inform your doctor or gynecologist if any of these become worse or unmanageable.

Some serious side effects of Azurette include continuous spotting, missed periods, or sudden/ heavy bleeding, dark patches on the skin or melasma, problem wearing contact lenses, unwanted body or facial hair, weight changes, or swelling of the feet or ankles. In rare cases, the drug can also lead to blood clots which may result in a heart attack, stroke, or pulmonary embolism. Inform your doctor immediately if you experience sudden dizziness or fainting, coughing up of blood, confusion, left arm, jaw, or chest pain, sudden shortness of breath, pain, warmth or swelling on the calf or groin, unusual headache, tingling, numbness or weakness in the legs or arms, slurred speech, vision changes, or weakness on one side of the body.

Seek immediate medical help if you experience severe abdominal, pelvic or stomach pain, dark urine, unusual tiredness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, or severe mental or mood changes such as suicidal thoughts, depression, or difficulty sleeping.

Dosage of Azurette

You will have to take one Azurette tablet once a day, usually at the same time each day. You may become pregnant if you forget to take even a single tablet during the month.

If you develop nausea or a stomach upset after taking the tablet, try to take it at bedtime or after supper or dinner.

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