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Basic Information On Nuvaring

Nuvaring is a combined hormonal contraceptive that is to be used by women. It comes in the form of a ring-like device that can be inserted into the vagina. This flexible, plastic ring contains two active ingredients horomones ethinylestradiol (synthetic oestrogen) and etonogestrel (synthetic progesterone). This combined birth-control pills work by a three pronged action; they prevent the release of ovum from the ovary, alter the cervical mucus making it difficult for sperms to reach the ovum and also change the endometrial lining to discourage implantation. With correct and appropriate use, Nuvaring has been shown to be as effective as the pill in preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Precautions / Side Effects For Nuvaring

Before you buy Nuvaring, consult with your healthcare provider if this is the right choice for you. Before prescribing you this method, the doctor will review your risk for heart attacks, stroke and blood clots. If you smoke more than fifteen cigarettes a day and are over 35 years in age, it may increase the chances of cardiac trouble. Do not use this contraceptive method if you have had breast or liver cancer or if you have other hepatic problems. Stop the use of this device, if you are pregnant or think you are pregnant. The use of this technique is not recommended during breast-feeding as ethinylestradiol and etonogestrel may harm the baby. Nuvaring does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

The common side effects reported after use of the ring include severe headache, increase in weight, nausea, vaginal secretions and infections of the vagina, vomiting, alterations in the menstrual cycle, or depression. Some serious side effects of the drug include a slightly increase risk of blood clots, cancer and heart attacks. Call your doctor instantaneously if you see symptoms related to these like stabbing chest pain, blood in the cough, pain in the calf, sudden vision changes, jaundice, breast lumps, elongated and irregular vaginal bleeding, swelling in the fingers and ankles.

Nuvaring Dosage

Properly sanitize your hands before removing Nuvaring from the pouch. Compress the ring between your thumbs and index finger and insert it into the vagina while lying, squatting or standing with one leg up. Once it is inside the vagina, the exact position of the ring is of little significance. The ring should be removed after three weeks and disposed properly. To continue the contraceptive protection, insert a new one exactly after a week.

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