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Full information about Renova Cream

General Information on Renova Cream

Renova Cream is a topical form of vitamin A, which is very useful in renewing the skin. The generic name of Renova Cream is tretinoin.

Renova Cream is applied as an anti-aging product which reduces fine wrinkles and lines. It also takes care of discolored patches of skin and softens rough facial skin.

You may buy Renova Cream in two strengths- 0.02% and 0.05%. This cream is meant to be applied only on the face, and not on the eyes or for oral or intra-vaginal use.

Side effects of Renova Cream

Renova Cream is known to increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. Therefore, you must avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. You must take adequate measures to avoid overexposure to dangerous rays, such as sunscreen lotions (a minimum of SPF 15). You must also wear appropriate clothes for protection when you have to go out in the sun.

Renova Cream may cause side effects if it comes into contact with the eyes, lips, nose, or mouth. You must wash these areas with water if the medication accidently comes into contact with them. This medication must not be applied on areas that are broken, irritated, chapped, dry, sunburned, or windburned. Renova Cream is also not indicated for the treatment of wounds or for skin affected by eczema. You must wait until your wounds or eczema has healed before you apply Renova Cream.

Renova Cream may be dangerous to the fetus if it is taken during pregnancy. You must inform your doctor about your pregnancy before you buy Renova Cream.

Dosage of Renova Cream

Renova Cream must be applied exactly as per the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Applying a large amount of this cream does not improve the speed and efficiency of treatment, and may also lead to adverse side effects. Renova Cream must not be used for longer than the treatment period prescribed by your doctor.

Your hands need to be clean and dry before you apply Renova Cream, and so must the area of application. You must wash your hands as well as the area of application and dry it completely before applying the cream. To ensure that there is no moisture present on your face during application, you are advised to not apply Renova Cream until at least 20 minutes have passed since you washed your face. The dosage of Renova Cream must be applied directly onto the skin.

You must then rub and spread the cream so that a thin layer is formed. Once you have applied Renova Cream, you are not supposed to wash the area until at least 1 hour has passed. During this 1 hour, you are also advised not to apply any other skin care products on or around the area where the medication was applied.


Since the cream increases your skin’s sensitivity, you must avoid using skin care products that may cause irritation. Examples of such products include harsh shampoos and soaps, skin cleansers, hair color, hair wax or removal products, and products that contain permanent and strong chemicals, alcohol, lime, astringent, and spices.

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