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Full information about Orthovisc

General Information about Orthovisc

The drug Orthovisc is similar to synovial fluid and is mainly prescribed to patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. Synovial fluid is a substance which is present naturally in our joints. The key role of this fluid is to absorb shock and lubricate the joints in order to allow for easier and smoother movements. However, with increasing age and the onset of osteoarthritis, the effects of synovial fluid are severely hampered, which can hinder movement and cause immense pain. You may buy Orthovisc as an injectable medical device administered in the affected knee to minimize the effects of osteoarthritis. The generic name of Orthovisc is hyaluronan.

Side Effects of Orthovisc

Like any other medical device, Orthovisc has its set of side effects, both minor and major. Minor side effects experienced by users generally don’t stay for a long time, and are mainly dependent on how quickly the body adapts to the device. Some minor side effects associated with the use of Orthovisc are:

  • Pain and swelling in the affected joint
  • Aches and pains in various parts of the body
  • Rashes at the site of the injection

While the minor side effects wane over time, there are some side effects that can lead to severe complications. If any of these side effects occur, you must stop administering Orthovisc and seek immediate medical help. Some of the major side effects of Orthovisc are:

  • Allergic reactions like breathing difficulties, severe rashes, etc.
  • Problems related to the throat
  • Swelling in various parts of the body like the lips, face or tongue
    • Orthovisc should be taken after carefully checking with the doctor whether it is completely safe or not. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor to determine the safety of using Orthovisc under these conditions. Users should immediately discontinue the use of Orthovisc if an infection develops at the injection site. People who are allergic to birds or avian products or derivatives should either consult their doctor or avoid using Orthovisc altogether.

      Dosage of Orthovisc

      Orthovisc is to be injected into the affected joint by a certified medical professional or a doctor. Temporary pain may occur in the joint after the shot is given. Patients must not strain or overexert themselves for approximately 2 days or 48 hours after the Orthovisc shot is administered. Strenuous activities like jogging, tennis, and standing for a long time should be avoided. Users should never engage in weightlifting either. Prolonged activity can end up worsening the condition of the affected joints and neutralize the effects of Orthovisc. As such, the doctor’s advice should be strictly followed.


      Drug interactions generally occur when two or more incompatible substances are injected into the body. This can lead to serious complications, and so, you must consult your doctor before you decide to buy Orthovisc, especially if you are already on some other medications. Orthovisc has not been known to interact with other drugs, but you must inform your doctor about all the prescription, herbal, and over the counter drugs you are taking just to be on the safe side.

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